"Its not the days in your life you'll remember, it's the memories."

Sometimes it comes, trying to be realized, but somehow it cannot and will not be--a shimmering allusion to things past that will not suffer itself to be known. What happened that year, so long ago, to make it so wonderful? Why was it unique? This web site will answer you, show you the highlights, bring back to your recollection the details and make you happy.

This ia a web site created for my 1967 Classmates at Liberal High School. It's only a memory now, but still as living and vital as the year it was born--will come back to you for a time, and then slip silently into nonentity.

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"NEW Dec. 2021" 1967 LHS Social Media

LHS Pep Rally Video

NEW Dec 2021 - Class of 1967 Social Media Community

This web site is dedicated to my LHS classmates of 1967
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