"LHS Band"
S Slaymaker, S Nelson, B Weston, A Linley, M. Binford, P Smith, R Abel, A Husted, D Dean, V Emberton, P Riney, C Ward, B Avery, N Graber, S Eads, K Eubank,
B Smith, S Powell, M Clark, Mr. T Ward, director, C Dykes, J Weston, M Hoover, N Oehme, D Powell, C Eyman, C Pramer, C Scheindt, M Moore, A Whitely,
B Bruner, C Young, P Shover, D Boeken, C Gaylon, M Mattheyer, C McNabb, P Priba, B Streiff, D Hergert, M Onions, L Lucas, N Graber, D McMullen, D Dorsey,
C Goosen, S Ericson, A Douglas, G Spencer, K Norton, D Grantham, D Nelson, J Good, L McNabb, D Steven, F Williams, G Brack, D Thancher, G Phiester, N Fisher, B Walker, C Good, M Douglas, L Lambert, M. Carlson, T Dunlap, R Heriford, I Gaut, R White, B Crosley, B Blair, M Johnson

  • New York Venture wins Band National Acclaim

  • LHS Band won 2nd place in the International Lions Convention Parade in New York City
    Summer 1966
  • Spring of 1967 the band went to Canyon City, Co. to participate in the Cherry Blossom Festival.

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